Our name says it all. We get it. We understand your business and we understand what it takes to achieve high performance within the boundaries of regulatory requirements. Our multi-disciplinary, comprehensive understanding paired with our strategic methodology helps our clients achieve business success through their human capital.

Since 1998, our professionals have been delivering expert solutions to address challenges and achieve business success.  No matter the issue you face, we understand— and we have been there, both with clients and as we’ve built our own organization.  We know what it takes to develop, reward and retain your valuable human capital, so your people work for you, not against you.   Quite frankly, your business success depends on it.

Vantage Solutions is proud to be a woman and minority-owned business.


Industry Experience

Our broad knowledge and flexibility allows us to service employers in all industries, including private sector, public sector and non-profits. In the private sector, our clients’ industries range from transportation to trucking and we regularly provide guidance to employers in the healthcare, advertising and marketing, professional services and a host of other industries.

In the public sector, our work spans across the federal government and state governments, as well as numerous county, city and municipalities and quasi-government entities. We also service non-profits of all sizes, from local affiliates to national headquarter organizations.



University of Chicago’s featured firm in 2015
Kronos Connect Partner of the Year in 2014