The alignment of HR and organizational planning to business strategy and purpose is itself a strategic asset for any company. Our organizational planning and development services help employers clearly identify and articulate their business purpose and strategic goals to internal and external stakeholders and determine the most efficient and effective platform from which to achieve these goals.

Specific services include:

Strategic Planning

Simply put, strategic planning helps an organization to determine three things: 1) where you are going over a specified time frame, 2) how you are going to get there, and 3) how you will know if you arrived. While there are many approaches to strategic planning, at Vantage Solutions we primarily focus on a goals-based planning model which starts with a focus on the organization’s mission, vision and values. An integral part of our strategic planning is to develop key metrics to measure progress and success. After identifying these metrics, we help clients set goals that align with the mission, identify plan milestones that demonstrate movement toward the goals, develop strategies that will ensure these milestones are met and then drill down to detailed action planning.

Retreat Management and Facilitation

Strategic or organizational planning requires input from key stakeholders for which retreats are an effective tool. All too often, however, organizations invest valuable time and resources into extensive planning sessions that yield little or no action. Vantage offers end-to-end retreat management services to optimize input and buy-in from your key stakeholders. Whether for your senior leadership, board of directors, or departmental teams; and whether the retreat purpose is for strategic planning, team building or employee re-engagement; we will help assess your needs, identify clear objectives, design and facilitate the retreat, document the decision-making process, and create and monitor action plans and outcomes to ensure you attain the desired results.

Organizational Structure Design

A key component of organization planning is determining the proper Platform from which you can best achieve your Purpose. An organization whose purpose is to achieve revenue goals through internal sales will have a very different structure from one who will achieve those goals through strategic partnerships or a franchise model. Vantage will review your existing organizational structure, its reporting relationships and spans of control to identify an optimal structure design, and make recommendations to best utilize your workforce for high performance.

Role Clarification

One of the biggest contributors to a failure in employee performance is the lack of alignment between management’s expectations and employees’ understanding of their roles. Employees must have clarity about the job they are to perform in order to achieve high performance. Vantage guides management to clarify employee roles and ensure that roles are aligned to organizational purpose. We also help management effectively communicate those roles to incumbent and potential employees to avoid misunderstanding and job dissatisfaction.