Give Your Company the Gift of a Liability-free Holiday Party

The holiday season, filled with office parties, regularly brings post-holiday workplace blues ranging from general embarrassment and workplace discomfort to harassment claims and more. In the current climate, this year is not likely to be any different. Smart employers still have time to get out ahead of this issue and prevent things from getting out… Read More

Uber Settlement Maintains Contractor Status for Drivers

In a much watched and anticipated case, global ride-sharing giant, Uber, and its drivers recently reached a settlement agreement containing many monetary and non-monetary aspects, including the establishment of a $100 million fund. One critical aspect of the proposed agreement, currently awaiting approval by a California Judge, is that Uber’s drivers will continue to be… Read More

Onboarding & Culture: 5 Steps to Supercharge Your New Employees

Onboarding is not just “new employee orientation”– it’s your first chance as an employer to literally get your new employees “on board” with the company, your values and your goals. Ideally, they will be enthusiastic, spring-loaded and ready to contribute. If instead, you’re one of the employers still greeting new employees with nothing more than… Read More

Management by Millennials

Over the last few decades, numerous management trends have surfaced and become mainstream. Particularly, in the late 20th century, there was a greater emphasis on hierarchy, a well-established chain of command, consistency, delegation, and bureaucracy. In today’s world, which is marked by rapid globalization, accelerating innovation, and nonstop competition, management trends are experiencing a shift.… Read More