Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR processes and procedures allows higher performance while freeing time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and growth. Organizational effectiveness looks at whether your processes for delivering products or services and your policies for proper business operations are effective, efficient and aligned to achieve high performance. Effectiveness addresses whether the work done achieves the intended result. In today’s increasingly competitive world, reaching the right result in an inefficient manner is not sustainable. The results must be reached utilizing the most efficient combination of resources to improve employee productivity and the bottom line.

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants and attorneys work together to assess how well your current HR functionality and systems are aligned with your business purpose and goals. Once we’ve evaluated and assessed the situation, we recommend and implement comprehensive solutions that address the core issues to ensure that your goals are supported and achieved. Effective HR processes ensure that valuable human capital is managed in a way that allows you to attract and retain those great employees and become a destination employer.

Our Organizational Effectiveness services include:

HR Audit

Conducting a comprehensive HR Audit helps ensure you know where you are, where you need to be and how to get there. The HR Audit identifies areas in need of attention and generates a prioritized roadmap to improve your HR functionality based on time, resources and budget. Vantage’s HR Audit reviews two components of human resource infrastructure: 1) HR Effectiveness and 2) HR Compliance. Each Audit component integrates your organizational HR goals and includes an internal assessment, external benchmark comparison, policy and procedure review and recommendations on how you can best achieve the success you desire.

Business Rules Analysis

This service goes beyond an audit and takes a deeper dive into a specific set of business rules currently in use by your company and determines whether they represent best practices and are legally compliant. In conducting a Business Rules Analysis, we review each rule currently in use, assess whether it is a best practice for your organization and industry, analyze the rule for legal compliance and make recommendations on whether the rules should be maintained. Clients have found this service particularly useful for a Payroll Rules Analysis under the FLSA.

Workflow Design Assessment

We have found that even though a company’s business practices may be effective and compliant, they still may lack efficiency. Businesses that spend unnecessary hours to complete tasks and work from processes that are either incomplete or redundant are unlikely to meet strategic goals or achieve high performance. Implementing efficient business processes will help your organization better manage and measure productivity. Our Workflow Design Assessment is a detailed review of your systems and the processes used to determine how well they align with your overall Purpose and Platform. Our consultants will map your organizational processes, look for areas where you can improve and recommend solutions to address your specific situation.

Process Improvement

The result of the Workflow Design Assessment is a set of recommended solutions to address gaps in work processes. Our Process Improvement service identifies where bottlenecks exist. We then employ a variety of process improvement approaches designed to remove the bottlenecks and put you on the path to greater efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Employee Handbooks

The Employee Handbook is a critical communication tool. It lets employees know what is expected from them and what they can expect from you as their employer. It serves as the guidebook for the employer-employee working relationship. It can be used effectively as a benefits communication tool and speaks volumes about your workplace culture and values. We encourage clients to take advantage of this opportunity to make a powerful statement of who you are and who you are becoming. Vantage will draft or revise your Employee Handbook to ensure that it is an effective communication, legally compliant and culturally appropriate.

Supervisory Manuals

The Supervisory Manual lets supervisors know how to implement the policies contained in the Employee Handbook. It also helps ensure that each supervisor is being consistent in the application of the policies. Fair policies combined with their consistent application across all departments helps keep clients from making inadvertent mistakes that lead to lawsuits claiming unfair treatment or discrimination. Vantage will draft or revise your Supervisory Manual to ensure that it is an effective communication tool, legally compliant and culturally appropriate.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures Manual explains, in step-by-step format and layman terms, how certain operations within your company should be performed. By having a separate manual for policies and procedures requiring an extensive level of detail, you ensure that the Employee Handbook does not become too cumbersome for employees to actually read.