Effective talent management helps you determine the right people to fill the seats identified through your platform assessment, and ensures that they are provided the tools and pay necessary to add value to your organization. Now that you know what work needs to be done, you must identify the best people to do it and attract them to your organization. Sourcing and recruiting high performing individuals can be a challenge in and of itself, and creating tools to develop and effectively manage them to ensure their continued high performance is critical.

Even the most experienced and capable employees can miss the high performance mark if they feel they are not receiving fair reward or regular feedback on their work; if they do not see opportunities for growth; or if they lack drive or dedication and commitment to your vision and goals. Ultimately, ensuring that you avoid these pitfalls and retain top talent is the biggest challenge of all.

At Vantage, we believe that human performance is a function of both skill and will. Our Talent Management services help ensure that you approach both aspects strategically.

Our Talent Management services include:

Job Analysis

A job analysis identifies all duties and responsibilities of a particular job and the respective duties that are accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Most importantly, the job analysis provides a clear picture of whether the specific position supports achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. In other words, even if you had the right number of people doing this job, is the job the right job in the first place? Does it accomplish everything that it needs to and does it fit with all other jobs in the organization to accomplish the overall organizational goals? Vantage’s job analysis provides the data support for the organization to update job titles, duties and performance standards to align with the organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives and create value.

Job Descriptions

Clients with accurate and up-to-date job descriptions are truly in the best position to “hire the right person for the right job at the right time” and achieve their organizational mission. Job Descriptions are intended to give actual and potential employees and their managers a clear understanding of the responsibilities of their positions. They help ensure that every organizational need is met with no shortage or surplus. They set forth basic qualifications of the position, as well as the primary and secondary functions and knowledge, skills and abilities for success in the position. Additionally, it outlines essential job functions for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Vantage will revise current or develop new Job Descriptions to help our clients be transparent about job responsibility, provide an accurate job preview, and serve as a foundation for effective recruiting and employee development initiatives.

Core Competency Assessment

Core competencies represent the ability of an organization to use resources, achieve objectives and behave in ways that lead to business success. Vantage’s Core Competency Assessment answers questions like: Are your incumbent employees the right people in the right seats right now? Do current employees have the skill and abilities to accomplish the tasks before them?

Depending on the answers, the Assessment also assists clients to determine whether current capabilities can be brought into alignment with business goals through performance improvement initiatives such as proper training and development.

Recruiting and Sourcing

Vantage provides assistance in all aspects of the recruiting process, including sourcing, writing and placing advertisements; screening resumes; conducting phone interviews and initial screens; conducting in-person interviews; and preparing offer and rejection letters. An important feature of our approach to recruiting and sourcing is thorough documentation of the process and reasoning for each hiring decision made. This documentation can prove invaluable for companies who may be forced to legally defend a hiring decision.

Training and Employee Development

Training and employee development routinely ranks high on the list of what is important to employees and is a critical component of talent management and leadership development. Vantage offers a range of Training Solutions to aid you in the development of your human capital; from group training, to one-on-coaching to succession planning.

Performance Management Systems

At Vantage, we operate from the premise that human performance is a function of skill and will. That is, in order to have high employee performance, employees must have both the skills set and capabilities to perform their jobs, as well as the will and desire to do so. The former involves providing the necessary training to ensure employees have sufficient role clarification and understanding of workflow processes and systems, while the latter looks at levels of employee engagement. Effective performance management systems demand appropriate emphasis on each component. Our services allow you to understand these dynamics and focus in on which component is most needed in a given situation. We also guide you to develop performance management systems and solutions that encompass both elements and are appropriate for your company.

Compensation Benchmarking

Attaining and retaining high performers requires fair and competitive pay and innovative rewards. But, first, you must know where you stand vis-à-vis your competition is the battle to become a destination employer. Vantage’s Compensation Benchmarking Service provides you with valuable insight so you can adopt a compensation philosophy that is aligned with your organizational strategy and further supports your business success.

Salary and Reward Systems

Salary and reward systems are a critical link to ensure all your people components are aligned to achieve high performance. There must be an alignment of recruiting, performance management, training and development with reward practices to reinforce and encourage behaviors that align with organizational values that in turn reinforce culture. Vantage will help you with salary planning, developing job grades and salary bands, as well as implementing innovative reward systems.

Benefits Communication

When organizations do not clearly and regularly communicate employee benefits, there is a direct impact on the ability to attract and retain great employees. Our Benefits Communications Services help your employees understand their benefits and more fully appreciate the contributions your company makes toward their total compensation.