A nationwide survey of human resources professionals reveals that many U.S. employers are utilizing proactive practices in the fight against employee lawsuits. Of 100 HR executives interviewed:

  • 86% had written HR policy manuals;
  • 65% conduct training for managers and employees;
  • 57% developed complaint resolution procedures;
  • 51% hired HR managers or consultants.


  • On average, companies offer 9.3 paid holidays per year.
  • The average vacation benefit is 12 days per year.
  • 60% of companies offer relocation benefits.
  • 26% of companies offer a sign-on bonus.
  • Over half of all companies offer flextime as a benefit; 27% offer compressed workweeks; 22% provide job sharing and 26% have telecommuters in the workforce.
  • 99% of employers offer medical coverage and 96% provide dental coverage.
  • 11% of companies offer paid dry cleaning services; 8% offer massage therapy; 4% offer concierge services and 1% provide take-home meals or daytime siesta.

EEOC Activity

  • EEOC claims increased 15.2% in 2008 for private sector employers and 9.4% for public sector employers.
  • “For cause” finding of the EEOC increased 37%, but still only account for 66% of all resolutions of EEOC charges.
  • Approximately 17% of all charges result in a favorable outcome for the charging party, either through mediation, cause resolutions or charge withdrawals with benefits.
  • Over 5000 EEOC Charges were resolved through mediation, with 36% of all responding employers and 81% of all complaining employees submitting to the mediation process.
  • The EEOC settlement rate is 65%.

Damage Awards and Settlements

  • In 2008, the EEOC secured more than 274.4 million in monetary benefits of behalf of over 18,000 claimants. According to the EEOC, some of the more noteworthy settlements were:
  • 27.5 million settlement of age discrimination claims against law firm of Sidley & Austin
  • 4.3 million settlement on behalf of a class of Hispanic workers at B&H Foto and Electronics
  • 2.2 million settlement of harassment and retaliation claims against New York