We’re celebrating Small Business Saturday with a limited time 2018 Employee Handbook Package.

Start the new year off right with an updated, compliant, and culture-driven employee handbook. 2016-2017 brought numerous changes that should be reflected in your handbook – sick leave laws, ban the box laws, salary history regulations, social media policies and many more. This fixed fee package includes the development or update of your small business employee handbook by our HR experts to:

  • Ensure your policies are up to date with current regulations
  • Deploy best practices for your industry and company size
  • Communicate expectations so employees & managers are on the same page
  • Help in defense of unemployment and other legal claims

Limited time offer expires Wednesday, November 29th:
New Handbook: $2018 (regular cost $4500)
Updated Handbook: $1200 (regular cost $1500)





Questions? Contact us.

Must have under 50 employees to qualify. Limited to the first 25 clients who sign up. Your new or updated handbook will be delivered by 12/27 for a January 2018 roll-out. Offer expires 11/29.